Rosalie Michaels


Blonde, Sweet, Sarcastic, Sexy, Opinionated, Sassy, and Hardcore Football Fan -Rosalie Michaels is a guys’ girl who loves to talk sports and talk trash all while bringing a smile to your face.

She is an Actor, Model, TV Host, and Corporate Spokesperson who has made a career out of entertaining people. She has numerous TV and film credits to her name, most recently wrapping on the film “Everything Must Go” with Will Ferrell. 

Rosalie’s clients continue to bring her back time and again for her effervescent smile, unwavering professionalism, and dedication to each project. Not just “Talent”-She loves the creative process and is not afraid to jump in to create the best product possible.

Rosalie currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with the loves of her life- her 2 daughters, Chelsey, and Hayley, and plans to pass on her season tickets to them, just as fathers have passed them on to their sons for decades. Not afraid to use her feminine wiles to garner an advantage, if she’s not working, or with her daughters, you can usually find her kicking some poor guy’s butt at pool, bowling, poker or pretty much any other competition. Sucka!