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Great Sports Movies

In honor of the #Oscars last night- I wanted to talk about some of our favorite #sportsmovies. What is it about a great sports movie that brings me to tears, every time? I just finished watching “The Blind Side” again. And once again, I found myself bawling like a baby at the end of it. Obviously, there are relationship stories that go alongside of the sports aspect of the movie. But I think the thing I really love about these movies, is very much the same reason I fell in love with sports. These films highlight the aspect of the human spirit that refuses to give up. The piece of each of us that won’t quit even when all obstacles seem to be in our way. They remind us of the competitor, warrior, and fighter that we hope to see in ourselves. I think many of us feel as though we go through life as an underdog. Constantly fighting to make a better lives for ourselves, and our children, against all the odds. These movies often remind us that the impossible is in fact, quite possible. They give us hope that we can do ANYTHING we set our minds to. I don’t think it’s coincidental that most of these films are either based on, or inspired by true sports stories. And that’s why we all have our favorite moments in these films:

Who didn’t love the “Five foot nuthin, a hundred and nuthin” Rudy Ruettiger in one of my all time favorite sports films “Rudy”(Rudy, Rudy)?

Who didn’t tear up when Ray’s dad met him in an Iowa corn field to ask him if he wanted to “have a catch” in “Field of Dreams”?

Who wasn’t inspired when “Rocky” went the full 15 rounds against Apollo Creed- something no other fighter had ever done?

And who wasn’t yelling “You can do it!!!” to Bobby Boucher in “The Waterboy”? Okay....maybe that last one was just me. :O)

So, now I want to know...what are some of your all time favorite sports movie moments, and what do they mean to you? I mean the ones that no matter how many times you see them, you still get really choked up. I know you have them.... Spill! #sports #fantasygirl

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